‘Live @ the Gluepot’ Release on Goner Records Gets Reviewed

‘Live @ The Gluepot’ on Goner Records

The USA release on Goner is reviewed in Dusted Magazine.

This sentence gets a paragraph all on its own: “Toy Love may be legends in their native New Zealand, but in their time they were just another chewed up, spat out rock band.” Succinctly put!

Here’s the link: Dusted Magazine Review

Best Tribute Ever! Aunty Jane’s A Legend

My niece and nephew are Toy Love fans.. they made their dear old aunty a card (with their Mum’s help)!

Toy Love!

Checking the Time Out Feature in the NZ Herald

Yee ha! Toy Love LP at #4 in NZ Album Charts

For the second time this year we have got into the NZ album charts! Link here: Top 20 NZ Albums

And at number 15 in the main album chart… Top 40

Album Review

The New Double LP from Toy Love

Scott Kara reviews the new Toy Love double LP in the NZ Herald. 4.5 out of 5 – very nice!


Photos from Our Record Signing Event @ Real Groovy

A selection of photos from the excellent day we had at Real Groovy on Saturday 3rd November. Lots of fans old and new and lots of live music throughout the day.

Mr Dooley signs another record

Chris and Alec

Is This A Race?

Where Will We Be in 32 Years’ Time?

Lorna Watkins-Dooley Takes It All In @ Real Groovy

Re-Stocking the Shelves!

The Toy Lovers

Toy Love Again

A Few Whiskeys Later… Jane and Mike

Mike with Doug Hood our Sound Engineer

The Irrepressible John Baker

Display Outside Real Groovy on Queen Street, Auckland

Video interview featuring Alec, Mike and Jane

We did this video interview with Hugh Sundae from the NZ Herald on 31st October, the day before the Music Awards. » See the video interview here

That afternoon Mike and I worked out that we hadn’t seen each other for 23 years. Hopefully we won’t leave it so long next time!

Bride of Frankenstein spotted in Central Auckland

Still there a few months after the event

Toy Love poster in Durham Lane Auckland

No Longer A Limousine Virgin

En route to the Vodafone NZ Music Awards on 1st November in a stretch limo. First time for us and quite possibly the last!

Don’t Ask Me


You can order Toy Love New Double LP on Flying Nun

The New Double LP from Toy Love

Get yours now! The new double LP is also available from Flying Nun.

Celebrate with us on being honoured with the 2012 Legacy Award last night. You won’t regret it :)

» Order from Flying Nun here

Press Release: Toy Love @ Real Groovy 3rd November

Rock is dead or so it’s said
And now it’s all a part of history
Lost the thread and lost its head
Well, I dunno, it seems OK to me
Jim Morrison, Brian Jones
Marc Bolan, Jimi Hendrix
Lying at the bottom of
Your swimming pool
Don’t let Creem, Crawdaddy
Rip It Up, New Musical Express
Call you a fool
Because I really care
I can’t believe that you believe
That everything’s a part of yesterday
I’m mystified that suicide
Should kill the things I really need to say
Jim Morrison, Brian Jones
Marc Bolan, Jimi Hendrix etc…
Everybody knows
That you got new clothes
But aren’t they the same old
Trash you used to wear
Look in my direction
Can’t you see my reflection
Well, baby, don’t you think
That it ain’t fair
Jim Morrison, Brian Jones etc…

Swimming Pool by Toy Love

Tonight at the NZ Music awards Toy Love receive the NZ Herald Legacy award

They recently received a video grant to make a video for Swimming Pool. The first video for a Toy Love song in 32 years.

It was directed by Jeff Smith, bass player from The Newmatics. Jeff & The Newmatics opened for Toy Love at the Gluepot in September 1980 , a week before their last show. Jeff had to wear a wet suit, and don goggles and snorkel to make this clip. The kids in the video went at it with unbridled enthusiasm. The members of Toy Love love it and we hope you do to.

A little background on Swimming Pool. It was written in The Enemy days. The Enemy even recorded a demo of it in late 1978. It was demoed in 1979 by Toy Love, and appeared on the 1980 self titled album.

The Swimming Pool single will be available free at Real Groovy Records, 438 Queen Street, this Saturday.

It will only be on a 7 inch single b/w Gagarin by Knoxious – a collaboration between a certain member of Toy Love and Rackets.

The single is only available if you purchase a copy of the Toy Love double LP, which will be on split coloured vinyl and only available from Real Groovy.

It is limited to 300 copies.

Toy Love will be in store from 11am.

There a lots of other Toy Love surprises as well – see link below.

A huge line up of local talent will be performing in Real Groovy from midday performing Toy Love songs.

Go to www.realgroovy.co.nz/toylove/Information/226

Toy Love